Submission Guidelines

Call for Submissions

The Phoenix is inviting submissions of short stories, poetry, and art for our online magazine’s 2017 issues.

The Phoenix is a high school literary magazine for homeschool students.

We invite homeschool students (grade 9-12) to submit poetry, fiction/non-fiction, short story, prose, essays, and images of artwork (all mediums). Submissions must be original and done by a currently enrolled homeschool student.

The Phoenix will publish four online literary magazines a year: March, June, September, and December.

  • Submissions for March issue: Deadline March 2, 2018
  • Submissions for June issue: Deadline June 1, 2018
  • Submissions for September issue: Deadline September 7, 2018
  • Submissions for December issue: Deadline December 7, 2018

Submission Guidelines

Art Guidelines

Images of artwork must be jpg or png.
Artwork must be high resolution, with minimum 800 pixels wide (max 1200px).
Artwork images must not have borders or watermarks.

Written Guidelines

All written work has a 2,000-word limit.
An attached Word document can be used if the written work is unable to be included within an email due to length.

General Guidelines

Only previously unpublished works will be considered for publication.

The Phoenix accepts multiple submissions in each category. However, we do ask that you limit your submissions per each deadline to the following:
  • Written Work (non-Poetry) – 3 each deadline
  • Poetry – 5 each deadline
  • Art – 5 each deadline.

The issues are not themed. We consider each submission for all upcoming issues, so work submitted for one issue may be used in another issue.

In the event that one of your submitted work is accepted for publication elsewhere, please do us the courtesy of informing us promptly.

Work will be edited for grammatical errors or length.

Submit Your Work

Only include one submission per email. Send additional submissions separately.

No attachments please (unless artwork or longer written works)!

Please remember that submissions are accepted via email, at

Guidelines for Email

Open a new email and address it to

In the subject line, write SUBMISSION and the title of your project. This will help ensure that your submission is not lost or accidentally deleted.

In the body of your email, include
  • NAME
  • COPY AND PASTE PERMISSION STATEMENT (I give The Phoenix permission to use my work on the online magazine, websites, and advertising. This work has not been published. I am the author or creator of the work. I am currently a homeschool high school student.)
  • YOUR WORK (written work/image - attachment if needed).

Please make sure to include this information, as it will be used with your work in the published issue.

Example Submission

Response Time

The Phoenix shall do our best to notify you via email if you have been selected before the actual online publication date. If you have not received a response from us, we will be happy to receive e-mail inquiries and will do our best to respond. We appreciate your patience!

Publication Rules

The Phoenix acquires First North American Serial Rights to published works, which means that copyright for any works published in The Phoenix revert to the author upon publication.

By submitting your work, we have your permission to feature published works or excerpts on The Phoenix’s website and in its advertising.

All rights revert to the authors upon publication. To get technical, we require First Rights, meaning we want to be the first venue to present the story, poems, and art to the public. This means that we won’t consider work that have been self-published, published online, or have been posted to blogs, etc., except when posted to closed groups or message boards.

Though authors do retain all rights to their work, we post everything we publish on a section of the website, and so require Non-Exclusive Electronic Permissions.